The Mark Consulting & Marketing Partners With Trend Homes To Make Beautiful Quality Homes Affordable In Alberta

The Mark Consulting & Trend Homes Team Up

EDMONTON, Alberta (June 22, 2013) – The Mark Consulting & Marketing has signed an exciting new deal with Trend Homes, builders of quality homes in Alberta.

“We’re very excited to be working with The Mark,” said Pierre Sareault, Co-Owner of Trend Homes. “Mark Pavelich brings a high level of passion to whatever he does and I’m certain he will be able to use that passion in establishing and creating awareness for our brand.”

Trend Homes was founded by partners Pierre Sareault and Dwayne Hartle with the goal of delivering quality homes at sensible prices. Pierre and Dwayne have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and have developed a reputation of excellence.

Trend Homes is dedicated to delivering homes built to high standards and ensuring the delight of their customer. Because they believe that their best spokespeople are past customers, Trend Homes is dedicated to ensuring those customers receive the homes that they are promised. This has led to high praise and solid recommendations for the company.
The mission and core values of Trend Homes align perfectly with those used by The Mark Consulting & Marketing to grow the brands they work with. The partnership with Trend Homes calls upon The Mark to provide marketing direction for the new start-up. Immediately recognizing the value in the service Trend Homes provides, The Mark is already off and running with this outstanding opportunity.

“We believe the quality of our homes to be far and away better than that of our competitors and we are happy to be partnering with The Mark to get this message out to the home-buying public,” said Dwayne Hartle, Co-Owner of Trend Homes. “Trend Homes and The Mark are a perfect pairing.”

The Mark is a provider of marketing and consulting services, including all aspects of social media and traditional marketing and producing major league television commercial spots, The Mark was founded by Mark Pavelich in late 2012. For more information, please see

Mark Pavelich President
The Mark Consulting & Marketing
Phone: 780.995.9095
Fax: 780.444.5966
Twitter: @TheMarkCompany


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