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Advantages to house shopping this winter

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Vanessa Roman 

Every time you come into the house in winter and you stomp the slush from your boots, you probably think, “I can’t wait for summer”. You are far less likely to think, “I’d like to stomp my boots in a new home”. But you should.

Buying in winter can make a great deal of sense, and cents. Now, firstly I need to address recent news reports that the housing market in Canada is looking doomy and gloomy. Like much of the news, it’s largely speculation.

This is especially the case when you look at a map of this delightful country: it’s big eh? Even if you think Vancouver is set for a huge “market price adjustment” in the next 12 months, that will have little effect on smaller markets such as, say, Halifax.

Local markets are affected by local factors. As real estate professionals, we can’t say with 100% accuracy how interest rates, unemployment, natural disasters, buyer confidence will change over the next year and the impact those factors will have on the real estate market — all we can do is give you our best guess. Continue reading