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Trend Homes keeps it Rolling

Trend Homes

Only one year into business, Trend Homes is rapidly becoming a key player in Edmonton’s ever-growing home-building scene.

In fact while other companies become stagnant over the cold winter months, Trend Homes stays just as busy as ever because of its unique building strategy. Trend Homes creates its custom-built homes “in plant” meaning that a home of up to 2,000 square feet is designed indoors under perfect conditions by Trend’s expert building team. When your future home is finished it is moved to its location and the finishing touches are done, and move in is completed faster and better than ever.

With two homes currently being completed and eight more being done in the next 3 months for placement in the Aurora area, Trend Homes is proving that its way is the right way to move into your custom-built home.

“We are expanding the way we want to and the way that our valued customers want. They can get into their new home sooner and really start to enjoy their Trend Home,” said Pierre Sareault , Owner/President of Trend Homes.

“We know how important a family’s new home is in their lives and in their future, and because of that we are dedicated to making it happen to their specifications as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

“Our success is based on hard work. We work hard because our customers have worked hard to be able to buy a custom-built Trend Home and we want their hard work to be realized with the home they deserve.” Continue reading