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Frequently Asked Questions

When will construction begin on our new home?

Work on your home will begin once you have received mortgage approval, signed off final plans/selections, and all deposit monies have been collected. While there won’t be any actual work on site for approximately two months, rest assured that we are immediately busy behind the scenes ordering permits, cabinets etc. which is then followed quickly by the start of your new home in the plant. It is not uncommon to move into your home three months after you have given us your deposit and signed off your final plans.

When can I expect my rough grading to be completed?

Concrete driveways and sidewalks must be installed prior to commencement of rough grading. Grading is highly dependent on weather conditions. Once grading is complete, the municipality is contacted to inspect the property and either issue the rough grading approval or request revisions to the work. It can often take 4-6 weeks to get a rough grade inspection.

What would I want to own a prebuilt home?

There are several reasons why you want a prebuilt home compared to one built on site:

  1. Quality – Because our homes are built in comfort controlled conditions (never snowing, freezing, raining, etc.) the tradespeople have the ability to complete the homes to the standard of quality everyone would like but not everyone gets. Our tradespeople are never freezing their fingers in the winter or battling wind or rain in the spring and summer. They ensure the proper number of nails are placed in all lumber and they ensure that all appropriate joints and seams are sealed – simply put, they are never battling the elements. Additionally, since the homes are all prebuilt, materials are never subject to being rained on (and swelling) or freezing (having to wait for warmer weather to use). We encourage you to ask our Salesperson for more details on why a Trend Home is the new Gold Standard.
  2. Speed – Since every day is a work day (i.e. - no delays due to inclement weather like -40º in the winter or high winds in the summer) homes are completed on a much faster schedule that a normal builder. It is not uncommon to be moving into your home three months after you have mortgage approval and signed off on your selections/plans.
  3. Safety – We care deeply about our staff and as such safety is a key factor. By building in controlled conditions our staff are able to ensure access in and out of the homes is safe as well as always being in a fall protection harness when operating at heights.

How does the prebuilt home work – what’s built where?

When it comes to the actual construction components and construction practices, our homes are very similar to those of site builders. We use the same drywall, 2x4’s, siding, plumbing, heating and ventilation, and electrical as the site builders. Each floor and roof is constructed in its near entirety in the plant. Once complete, the individual floors and roof are shipped by trained experts to your homesite and lifted onto the concrete foundation. The connections between the second floor, main floor and basement require a short period of time to complete with the end result being a home that is built to a high standard and built faster than the typical site builder.